Translation of your documents from English and Spanish to French.


Revision or proofreading with or without the source text.


Linguistic check, for a perfect Website.


Layout of your documents.

JD Traduction complies with all your linguistic needs.

Aboutthe translator, Julie Delcour

Julie Delcour

Julie Delcour

Translator, reviewer, DTP

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After a solid formation in translation from English/Spanish to French, and a double diploma in translation (MA in Specialized Translation - West Catholic University, Angers, France; European Master in Specialized translation (METS) - Lessius Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium and University Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain), I have developed my passion for languages and new technologies along the years and all the trips.

I have been a freelance translator since august 2010 and I have developed this activity along with my studies, which allowed me to gain experience in the fields I prefer. Thanks to various stays in Spain and Belgium for studies and internships, I could reinforce my language and technical skills. I commit myself to always providing the best quality in order to help you communicate with foreign countries, which is the reason why I only translate documents into French, my native language.

I have been specializing in fields I am interested in, to offer you an accurate translation and to assure the perfect understanding of your documents in French. Do not hesitate to visit the Fields of specialization section to learn more about my fields of expertise.

Because communication is not only words, I also offer you DTP service in many different formats. Do not hesitate to visit the DTP section to learn more about it.

Do not hesitate to see my Resume to obtain more detailed information.



I offer to translate your documents from English and Spanish to French. In order to assure a perfect quality work, I only translate into my native language, French. Thanks to my experience, I can offer translation in various fields of specialization, such as technical, legal and tourism fields, or more general documents.


If you need a bilingual revision of your documents (from English and Spanish into French), or simply need French proofreading, I can take care of your project. From simple orthographic check to a complete and deep check of your document, I can comply with all your specific needs.

Linguistic testing

If you have created your Website and want to give a perfect representation of your company, a linguistic testing can help you spot all typos and linguistic errors that could exist in your French texts, directly written in French or translated from another language.

Desktop publishing

Because a quality document always needs a DTP step, I offer you my skills to produce final document of high quality. I can process many formats to adapt and deliver documents ready for impression (manuals, brochures, publicities...).
Your document contains some illustrations to be localized? This is not a problem, I can localize your illustrations in the languages you need and include them in your final document.
I can manage every European languages to create several monolingual documents, or one multilingual document, as you prefer.

Fieldsof specialization


Civil engineering, energy, construction or new technologies are the principal fields I work in. Numerous projects in this fields allow me to extend every day my knowledge on the subject to create quality translations.


If you want to sell your products in France and other French speaking countries, I can translate your user guides or brochures of household electrical appliances, mobile phones, etc.


At the time of globalization, many companies are collaborating with international countries. To do so, I can handle the translation from Spanish to French (only) of your contracts, notarial instruments, firm creation instruments, diplomas, etc.


Do you need to introduce your hotel, residency, city or country and attract French tourists? I translate websites and brochures of hotels, travel agencies or tourist information centers.


For each less specific need, I also translate your press releases or publications, which do not require specific specialization.


Every company wants to have a good representation at the international level. For this reason, I offer you to translate your company's website or personal website into French to get you closer with your client and target public and reach more people.


Because every project is different and every client has specific needs, your projects will be studied with attention and I will deliver you a bespoke quote which will constitute the base of our collaboration.
The rates charged for each project depends on the nature of the assignment.

  • Translation work is priced per word of the source text or of the target text, in case the number of source words is unknown. This count is made at the beginning of the project and some discount can be applied in case there are repetitions or if a translation memory is provided.
  • Linguistic testing and revision are charged per hour. The time required for this work depends on the quality of the document to check.
  • Desktop publishing and other technical tasks, as images localization, files preparation, alignment or glossary creation, are charged by hour or by unity, and evolve contingent on complexity of the project.

Some other matters will also be taken into account, as the field and technical nature of the document, the urgency of deadlines (need to use supplementary resources, work outside of usual office hours).
Because each project is different, do not hesitate to contact me to get a free quote without obligation.

Contact meto request more information or a quote

If you have any question, request for information or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact me by email, by phone or by filling out this form. I will answer you as soon as possible.
For a fast handling of your demand, please be sure to join as much information as possible regarding the precision of your document (i.e. how many words/pages), as well as your documents, if applicable.

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